Virtual Reality Gaming and the Playstation 4/4.5

Sony has just confirmed the longstanding rumors about a possible Playstation 4.5. The rumors were just confirmed and the entertainment company is now working on a more-improved Playstation 4 they call the “Playstation Neo” or Playstation 4.5 among fans.

The Playstation Neo aims to bring a great VR gaming experience for the gamers. The company is set to release their Sony VR headsets this coming October and it will deliver VR experience to the masses.

With a promise of 50 VR games that will be released this year, Sony has a bright future the rest of 2016.

But, there are some questions that have surfaced around the internet. A lot of people are asking if they are required to buy the new Playstation Neo in order to enjoy VR gaming or if the current Playstation 4 would suffice.

That question was answered by Jim Ryan, Sony’s global head of marketing and sales. According to Ryan, players can actually enjoy the VR gaming experience even with the current Playstation 4 game console.

He said that the current generation PS4 game console has enough horsepower for people to experience virtual reality gaming.

Of course, the Playstation Neo has more powerful hardware, making the experience more polished and streamlined.

The 50 games that were mentioned at the E3 2016 event were Playstation 4 titles and none of them are exclusive to the Playstation Neo.

With that being said, current Playstation 4 owners will just have to buy the VR headsets and the compatible VR games come October of this year.

In other news, Jim Ryan also said the reason behind Sony’s move to not showcase the Playstation Neo in the event.

According to Ryan, the Playstation Neo is still in the works and technicians and developers are still streamlining the hardware.

Furthermore, the company wanted to focus more on the games rather than the actual hardware, that is why Sony opted not to showcase the PS Neo in the event.

Another reason why the company did not show the PS Neo to the public yet is because they wanted to make sure that the game console works without problems and they want to show it only if it is fully ready.

For me, the Playstation Neo is reported to be revolutionary. It comes with very powerful hardware specs and it should be good until the Playstation 5 gets released a few years from now.

The Playstation Neo is geared towards VR game console experience. With this move by Sony, we will now have more VR games at the end of the year and next year. Who knows what the company has in store for us gamers in general.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the E3 2016 event and I am excited to see if Sony has one more explosive announcement to make.

Just to recap, the Playstation 4 is adequate enough for VR gaming and the Playstation Neo will just improve the VR experience. You do not need to buy the Playstation Neo, though.

hCG Diet Asian-Style Watermelon Salad

We live in a fast-paced world and there are so many things to do. Most of the time, people are preoccupied with something other than cooking healthy and delicious foods.

Summer is coming and it will be really hot outside. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a recipe that you can readily create in under 15 minutes?

Well, there is such a recipe, and I am to share with you that recipe in today’s article. Today, we are going to make the hCG Diet Asian-Style Watermelon Salad.

This is a quick and healthy dish that you can consume even when you’re in phase 2 of the hCG diet.

First, what makes this dish amazingly special? Well, in the summer months, there will be an abundant supply of Watermelon. They are going to be cheap and everyone can do this dish without spending a lot of money.

Also, Watermelons hold water, so this dish can help you get rehydrated in the summer months.

So, without further ado, here are all the ingredients that you need in order to make the hCG Diet Asian-Style Watermelon Salad:

20 grams’ sesame seeds

1/2 Watermelon

1 bunch of breakfast Radishes

1/2 bunch of Fresh Mint

1 lime (this is optional)

Spicy Dressing

1/2 clove of garlic

1-2 fresh red chilies

1 thumb-sized piece of ginger

2 limes

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp low-salt/sodium Soy Sauce


1. Get a dry pan and toast the sesame seeds over medium-high heat. Toast if for a couple of minutes until the seeds become golden brown and its aroma is starting to get out. After which, take it off the heat and set it aside for now.

2. The next step will be to remove all of the seeds from the chili, peel your ginger and garlic, and then finely grate them and then put them in a jam jar. Make sure that this jar has been thoroughly cleaned.

3. Next, squeeze the juice of the 2 limes in the jar as well as add some soy sauce and sesame oil as well. Put on the lid and shake it well until everything is incorporated nicely.

4. Get a spoon and scoop out the water melon flesh. For some refinement, cut the watermelon flesh in 1-centimeter chunks.

5. Next, finely slice the radishes, making sure to leave all of the tops that look great, and then get the mint leaves and slice them as well.

6. Mix the watermelon and radish into a bowl and pour some of the spicy dressing over it.

7. Sprinkle the mint over it and toss to combine all of the ingredients.

8. For the finishing touch, just sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds and if you have some baby mint leaves left, sprinkle some on top of the watermelon dish as well.

9. If you like some tanginess to the dish, add a juice of one line. Serve and Enjoy!

This dish is very easy to make and it takes roughly 15 minutes to do everything. The hCG Diet Asian-Style Watermelon Salad is a perfect dish you can make, especially during the hot summer months.

The ingredients used in this dish can be bought anywhere and the cost of the entire dish is relatively inexpensive as well.

5 Mistakes that Prevent you from Building More Muscle

Before I started my quest to build muscle, I researched beforehand on the best possible things that I can do to build it.

Most of the information I get is eat a lot of protein, take supplements, and a host of other things that people swear by.

Although most of them are true, there are some mistakes that still perpetuates to this day.

In today’s article, I will talk about the 5 mistakes that prevent you from building more muscle.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time in the gym for a long period of time, only to find out that you’re not building your muscles efficiently.

I am here to help you stop that. So, without further ado, here are the 5 mistakes that prevent you from building muscle:

  1. Glorifying Supplement Use and Ditching a good Diet Plan. In the bodybuilding world, a lot of people swear by the use of supplements. And rightfully so, supplements can help you achieve a bigger physique. Unfortunately, people are often misled to believe that supplements are the be-all and end-all. They ditch their diet plans and they only consume supplements instead. This is just so wrong and this is one mistake you should correct. Nothing beats a good meal plan. Only use supplements to, well, supplement your already robust diet.
  2. Overtraining is NOT the key to building muscles. We live in a society wherein “more is always better”. Unfortunately, that saying doesn’t hold true in the bodybuilding world. Training hard enough is key, not overtraining. If you train your muscles hard enough and allow it ample time to rest and recover, you will be on your way to bigger and better muscles. If you overtrain, however, you not only run the risk of injury but you’re also guaranteeing yourself that you will not get those big muscles you’ve always wanted.
  3. Not Doing Compound Exercises. I cannot stress this enough, but unfortunately, most people just do not do a lot of compound exercises. Compound exercises are amazing because they hit a lot of muscle groups per rep. Examples of Compound exercises are the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. If you truly want to build muscle, incorporate compound exercises into your routine.
  4. Not Eating Enough Protein. Protein is essential to bodybuilders because it is the only macronutrient that is considered to be the “building blocks of muscles”. If you want to develop your muscles, aim to consume 1 gram per 1lb of lean body weight. So, if you weigh 155lbs, aim to consume 155 grams of protein per day.
  5. Not getting enough rest. This is tied to the overtraining mistake I’ve talked about before. Muscle growth doesn’t happen during your workouts; it happens when you’re out of the gym. Most people do not give their muscles enough time to rest, that is why they’re not getting the muscles they’ve always wanted. Make sure to give your muscles ample time to rest so that they can grow and develop properly.

Misinformation is common in the gym and misinformation about muscle building is quite prevalent these days.

By reading this article, you are now armed with the right knowledge on how to build and develop your muscles.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Game for Android

Back in the day, when you see games with amazing graphics on the Google Play Store, they always seem to have a price tag. But, that has changed dramatically in recent months as there are new games emerging that are compelling and, more importantly, free to play as well.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Game for Android mobile phones is a free-to-play action RPG that is fraught with amazing 3D graphical elements. You will be immersed in the magical setting that this game is in.

This Android mobile phone game allows you to choose your character and level them up as you would any other RPG game.

Now, most of you who are accustomed to the Google Play Store’s games know that most of the games do not have a compelling storyline anymore. But, with Dungeon Hunter 4 Game for Android mobile phones, you are going to experience one of the best RPG storylines ever released in a mobile phone game.

When you start the game, you are given a choice of 4 unique characters. Each of them has their own weapon and magic specialty and it is up to you to choose which playstyle suits you best.

As you progress with the game’s story, you should kill a lot of monsters for EXP. It follows the traditional RPG path wherein you will fight hordes of monsters and your character will level up, gaining new stats and abilities in the process.

Of course, since you will be having an immersive RPG game experience, each monster will either give you gold or items at random. This is to help you progress the game even further.

The Dungeon Hunter 4 Game for Android mobile phones also have a nice skill tab that allows you to choose your character’s specialty. Don’t worry, the skill tab is not complicated to study. As you develop your character’s skills, you will unlock more and more powerful skills that should prove to be helpful when the final battle coms.

This game also leaves a mystery on each character and it is up to you to unravel them. Each of them has their own unique backstories that are unlike any other RPG game on the Google Play Store.

Since this is an RPG game, it would be boring to play the game alone, right? Fortunately, the Dungeon Hunter 4 Game for Android mobile phones allows you to team up with players from all over the world. Play online and team up with up to 3 players. You can also participate in an online battle arena where you will brandish your PVP skills and beat the competition.

I am truly impressed with the Dungeon Hunter 4 Game for Android. Not only does this game have an immersive gameplay and compelling storyline, but it is also free to play! Not only that but you can also team up with online players to make this game even more enjoyable.

So, if you’re looking for a really good RPG game for your Android mobile phone, then download the Dungeon Hunter 4. This game is free to download and is available in the Google Play Store.

Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones

Some mobile phones out in the market have awesome built-in speakers for all the music junkies out there. But, not all of the mobile phones sport amazing built-in speakers.
Thankfully, a portable music manufacturing company has created a Bluetooth speaker that actually delivers high-quality sound.
Introducing the Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones, a premium Bluetooth Portable speaker that looks small, but does pack a punch when it comes to the sound department.
Before we talk even further about this Portable speaker for mobile phones, here are its official product specifications:
Latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology – Connect your device in 3 seconds; Outstanding connection range of up to 33 feet.
Full, High-Def Sound – Enjoy an impressively crystal clear sound quality and robust bass realized through a 3W audio driver and a passive subwoofer.
Daylong Playtime, Fast Recharge – Enjoy 12 hours of music at 80% volume, up to three times longer than similar-sized portable speakers. Recharge in just 3 hours using the included Micro USB cable.
IP Rated IP54 designed as an Outdoor Speaker and Shower Speaker – Unique Rugged Square Design with Splashproof&Shockproof&Dustproof& functions make it suitable for outdoors and shower.
NFC technology – Tap-to-pair with NFC technology for easy and instant connection (If your Bluetooth audio device has NFC function).
Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This means that connecting to your mobile phone via the Bluetooth is very easy and it should take only a few seconds to fully sync-in with your phone.
This portable Bluetooth Speaker has a Square design and it also comes in three colors: Camouflage, Orange, and Army Green. I don’t know why their products have an army theme to it but this portable Bluetooth speaker looks absolutely cute.
But, do not be fooled by its small design. The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones packs a lot of audio horsepower. In fact, the speakers are quite good and powerful that it can fill an entire room with music and audio.
Go to a friend’s house, fire up your music playlist from your Mobile Phone, turn on the Bluetooth and get ready for a jam session. It is that easy to use the Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones.
The aesthetics do not only imply an army theme, but it also implies that this portable Bluetooth speaker is durable as well.
The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones is dust proof, scratch proof, and best of all, waterproof! You can place the speaker on the poolside and you shouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet!
Also, this portable Bluetooth speaker has a 1,500 MaH rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours of play time! According to the manufacturers, you can achieve that if you set the volume up to a maximum of 80%.
The battery can be fully recharged in less than 4 hours! So, you have a powerful speaker that can last up to 12 hours, and you only need to charge it for a fraction of the time!
The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Mobile Phones is a good accessory if you are a music aficionado. This portable Bluetooth Speaker retails at $30.

Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Supplement

Women are very particular when it comes to their weight. They place a very high premium on what they eat and what they take because they want to achieve a very slender and sexy figure until they grow old.

With that being said, if you’re a woman who wants a supplement that complement your already successful diet meal plan, then I urge you to try Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss supplements.

The Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones weight loss supplements are specially designed for women. Each capsule contains a concentrated dose of 600mg Pure Raspberry Ketones. Plus, this is a stimulant-free weight loss supplement, which means that it doesn’t contain any caffeine in it. What does this mean? It means that you can take these pills ever before bedtime!

To know more about the Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones weight loss supplements, here is the official product description:

Designed especially for women! Raspberry Ketones Pure is a safe choice for natural weight management. Our highly concentrated formula delivers 600 mg per serving without unwanted side effects*

Safe, effective, and caffeine-free. Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones Pure provides a non-stimulant approach to weight management*

An excellent option for vegan and vegetarian diets, and any woman on-the-go! All natural, non-stimulating. Contains zero additives or fillers, gluten-free. No artificial colors or flavors*

Made according to the best GMP practices established for dietary supplements. Made in the USA. 120 vegetarian capsules per bottle*

The Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones are made of vegan capsules, which does not contain any gelatin. This is a good news for vegetarians, as more and more women adopt a more vegetarian way of eating.

This weight loss supplement doesn’t contain any other ingredient. It only contains one main active ingredient, and that is the Raspberry ketones. This is perfect since most other supplement manufacturers add a whole bunch of ingredients that may affect the potency of the supplement.

So, what do women have to say about the Shape Organics Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplements?

Desiree: “I’ve always had a problem with easily gaining few pounds here and there mostly from stress. Stress eventually caused me to eat more which in turn puts those pounds back on. Although I can’t get rid of stress, I hoped to at least try to eat less so I decided to try these pills to suppress my appetite and burn fat. After 1 week of use, although I’m still getting my two to three meals a day, I am definitely eating less junk food. I have less of a desire to chomp on snacks and I overall I feel lighter and feel like get move better. The extra energy is really helping me get through the day without the munchies and I feel healthier now.”

Lesley: “I love this supplement! After less than a week’s use it can already see a decrease in my appetite. I have been taking these Raspberry Ketones by Shape Organics for less than a week now. I have heard so much about how raspberry ketones are the next big thing in energy and weight loss. I decided to try these particular ketones because the are made without wheat, gluten, soy, milk, fish or shellfish, or tree nuts. They also have no additives or preservatives and their product does not contain any animal derived ingredients or byproducts. Remaining healthy while losing weight is important to me and I think these bad boys can definitely help!”

The Shape Organics Raspberry Ketones Weight loss supplement retails at $22.14. Each capsule contains a concentrated dose of pure Raspberry Ketones that will help you on your path to weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss

Over the years, raspberry ketones have been used in soft drinks, cosmetic products and food flavouring ingredients. This is because ketones are the natural chemicals found in raspberries, which give them their rich and appealing aroma. However, some recent studies conducted to gauge the effects of ketones on animals showed that these chemicals are great at burning fat and regulating metabolism. This created a lot of interest in raspberry ketones, propelling them to household names as they became one of the most sought after weight loss product on the market. Below we will take a look at how exactly this came to being.

Raspberry ketones were first tested on rats to gauge their effectiveness in inducing weight loss by burning fat. It was observed that the rats did indeed lose weight after being dosed with the natural chemical over a given trial period. Another study had been conducted to test how effective the chemical was when used on rats that were still on a fatty diet. It was observed that the rats also lost weight despite being kept on a fatty diet that kept introducing more fat into their bodies. These studies led to the assumption that raspberry ketones would have the same effect when used on humans.

How Raspberry Ketones Burn Fat

Research findings have indicated that raspberry ketones effectively broke down fat/lipids in the fat cells within the body. This further indicated that the chemical can be used as a fat burner due to its impressive ability to break down fats. It was also documented that this natural chemical favoured the production of the protein adiponectin, which is found in low concentrations in obese people. This protein is thought to regulate the metabolism and hence influence fat burning in the natural functioning of the body. These findings have been vital in leading numerous people in the world to believe that this natural chemical can be used to enhance weight loss in people who are overweight and thus help them achieve a healthy weight easily and faster than the available methods today.

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to marketing this natural chemical as a weight loss drug is the high cost of production and, therefore, the subsequent price. To produce a full dose of raspberry ketones, a huge amount of raspberries is required. To be exact, around 41 kilograms of strawberries are needed to produce one dose of strawberry ketones for weight loss purposes. This has led to it being sold at very high prices that have worked to put off many consumers.

Strawberry ketones might not have a mountain of tests and research findings backing their effectiveness in enhancing weight loss, but it is important to note that the available data does indicate that they do burn fat.

Benefits of using Green Coffee

The Many Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is a health supplement that anyone can take and ideally should take as well. There are several benefits of the all natural green coffee bean extract and that too without any side effects whatsoever. Till date, tens of thousands of people have used green coffee bean extract supplements and none have reported any adverse side effects whatsoever. This makes the supplement even more desirable and the benefits much more enticing since there is hardly a product out there, either as a health supplement or as a nutritional supplement, that doesn’t have any side effects.

  • The first major benefit of green coffee bean extract is weight loss. Obesity has become a persistent concern for a massive majority of people across the country. In this era of inactive lifestyles and excessively fat rich diets, it is very hard to keep weight off. Young people, in their mid twenties, are also putting on weight rapidly, like never before. Diets and exercises have become a fad but they seldom help anyone to lose weight and even if some people do lose weight, they find it difficult to keep the weight off. Green coffee bean extract helps you to lose weight by targeting the body fats. It doesn’t target the muscles or any other mass in the body. When you lose weight through exercises and diets, you are losing muscle mass as well. With the green coffee bean extract, you not only lose weight but you know for a fact that you are losing fats from the body.
  • The second major benefit of green coffee bean extract is that it helps in managing and lowering blood sugar levels. Diabetes is on the rise. It is so partly because obesity and diabetes or high blood sugar levels go hand in hand. Diabetes is also on the rise because of the carbohydrate rich diets people are on right now, the oil rich foods, processed meals and ready to cook food products. Besides, stress and anxiety along with hypertension and high blood pressure also contribute to higher blood sugar levels. Young and the old are experiencing a rise in their blood sugar levels and that can be brought under control and eventually reduced with the help of green coffee bean extract.
  • Green coffee bean extract not only facilitates weight loss and blood sugar reduction, it is also a fascinating antioxidant. Oxidation is a process that slowly damages the cells, bodily organs and every part of the body that the inhaled oxygen and oxygen in the blood comes in contact with. Green coffee bean extract can minimize such damage and also undo some damages of oxidation.


African mango supplements – side effects and benefits

Staying healthy and keeping the weight off can be a challenge at the best of times, but it becomes all the more difficult as you get older. This seems to be particularly true for women, all of whom seem to experience some sort of weight issue as they pass into their 40’s and beyond. Try as they might, those excess pounds simply don’t want to seem to come off.
This leads to women simply giving up the fight and deciding that they are just going to have to be a little overweight for the rest of their life. What they may not be aware of is that there is help out there that can help them win the battle of the bulge. african mango There are many different natural supplements out there that claim to help with weight loss, but very few actually get national exposure on the Dr. Oz show, which is exactly what happened with the African Mango supplement.
Dr. Oz took the time to talk about the supplements that feature African Mango extract, going as far as saying that they may very well be the key to help women over 40 unlock their weight gain issues. The supplements appear to be incredibly effective at trapping fat so that the body can then expel it, as well as containing all kinds of B vitamins, which are responsible for speeding up the metabolism so that you can burn calories at a greater rate.
There have been studies performed where test subjects were given supplements that contained 150 milligrams of African Mango extract. The end results showed that each of the people involved in the test lost an average of 5-10 pounds over a 30 day period. What’s even more interesting is that none of the people involved in the test made any changes to their current diet or exercise habits. This evidence would definitely support the claim that women over the age of 40 can greatly benefit from a daily African Mango extract supplement.

There is more to this story that just weight loss, though, with cholesterol also coming into the mix. Those same studies that showed weight loss benefits also showed that bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels were also reduced during the test period. While most people are concerned with their appearance on the outside, it’s also important to think about the inside, which is something that African Mango supplements help to address.
There is something to look for when you go shopping for a good African mango supplement. Go to a pharmacy or health store you trust and look for supplements that contain 100% pure African mango extract. Many poorer quality supplements will contain additives and fillers that provide absolutely zero of the benefits we mentioned earlier in this piece. They can also end up leaving you feeling nervous and jittery, which is a rather unpleasant side effect.
If you are in your 40’s and have been having some problems losing that excess weight that seems to come with age, you might consider giving African Mango extract supplement a try.

Why purchase an R4i flashcard

The R4i flashcard is one among the many choices you would have at your disposal. You should obviously have some reasons to opt for a particular flashcard. If you have owned an R4 flashcard before, regardless of its version, you may know the kind of advantages that are in the offing. Regardless of your prior experience with R4 cards, here is why you should consider buying the R4i flashcard.

  • The R4i flashcard is fascinatingly small, sleek and has quite an endearing design. Gone are the days when cartridges or storage components would have to be like cassettes. The R4i flashcard is certainly a small but potent flashcard which you can conveniently carry with you, use it whenever you want and be certain of having all the content that you want to carry along.
  • The R4i flashcard has a memory of 32 GB but it is not a heftily priced device. At the price the R4i sells, you may get 32 GB storage capacity but you wouldn’t get the brand of R4 flashcards. While R4i flashcard is compatible with all major devices, it is particularly meant for Nintendo Wii consoles. The R4i flashcard can be used with all models of Nintendo gaming consoles and it would not only be a storage device but also a component that facilitates the downloading of games. In that sense, the R4i flashcard is an integral component to Nintendo Wii gaming consoles.
  • You can store all kinds of content in the R4i flashcard. You can albeit store games and considering the 32 GB space, you can store several games. The flashcard is a state of the art device and you can have support for very high resolution games with ease. You can store your movies, music collections, personal photos and videos and all kinds of files in the R4i flashcard. Hence, it is not only a storage device meant for fun but it can also be used for work.
  • The R4i flashcard has been receiving raving reviews from experts and consumers alike. It is a sturdy flashcard that is not prone to get corrupt. You wouldn’t lose your data for no rhyme or reason or due to unexplained causes. The efficiency of the flashcard, its prompt response and readability doesn’t get hampered with time or when you keep using it for long hours.

In every sense, the R4i flashcard is a good choice and a wise investment.